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Maiali da Corsa

Maiali da Corsa - News

La storia dei Maiali da CorsaMaiali da Corsa - The Genesis

The name MAIALI da Corsa was born in 2003, at a rally, where two friends, then founding members, participated as crew Broom ... On that occasion the two, with the objective of future sporadic participation in local rallies, were given the chance to "try out" the thrill of racing virtually competing with the other official teams in the race on the timetable...

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La storia delle Mini

The Classic Mini - a brief history (1959 - 2000)

The Mini by Sir Alec Issigonis was launched in August 26, 1959, changing the face of the automobile industry forever. The best vehicle was the world still in production, virtually unchanged, until 2000. It was a great city car during the oil crisis, a fashion icon in the sixties, a legend on the race tracks around the world...

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