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Maiali da Corsa

The "Run Mini Run"

2012-07-08 17.04.08It 's the first and traditional rally ever made by Maiali da Corsa: inspired to the rally legend races of the 50's and 60's, the event features two stages of regularity with a time-controlled run per minute, one spectacular full throttle stage, and a Gymkhana (PS).
All in a track that caresses the two shores of Lake Como with some of the most unique and rare wiews of the lake, full of twists, bends and turns to make your head spin. Always following the rules of the road ...
All this topped off with a healthy lunch based on Fun, Friendship and Good Eating....



posted on Vasassina News:

Thirty cars took part in the rally on Sunday. The path went between the lake and valley starting from Abbadia Lariana and arriving at Barzio after going through all the Valsassina valley. 

Old but spicy cars facing a gloomy day and accompanied by a lot of rain. The daring mini drivers were not intimidated by the weather and reached the traditional appointment with the Girinmini, a gathering of fans of the Mini Cooper for the second consecutive year, chose the Valley as a destination and route. Thirty cars present, who went along with about fifty fans.

Once arrived at Barzio, a parking transformed in a mini-gymkhana circuit was waiting for the challengers, a test of slalom where the Mini proved their proverbial agility and maneuverability. The rain then added a little pepper performance of seasoned ministi. Several specimens were present, ranging over the entire production: from the original 60s minis to the latest editions of the 90s.

The rally was organized by the club Maiali da Corsa, which brings together fans of the old pre-Bmw mini and organizes events between Lecco, Valsassina and the lake. Despite the rain, the rally has been highly appreciated by all participants and is already in worship the appointment for the next year.


The "Airstrip Race"

New for 2012 is an event organized by Maiali da Corsa, made possible after one of our recognitions took place precisely to find new ideas.

We stumbled on a beautiful stretch of asphalt well hidden from prying eyes in nature, which serves as the runway for gliding and recreational sports.

The Program provides 2 "Races" ....

The first stage
Try to slalom between obstacles in time: it develops on a mini circuit designed taking into account our car's proverbial agility. The time is clocked by photocells at the start / finish and the ranking is compiled based on the time and categories.

The second stage
The acceleration test: thanks to this location you can safely drag race through a route of 400 meters with two cars coupled according to the category, and then knockout rounds.