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Maiali da Corsa

Maiali da Corsa - The Genesis

The name MAIALI da Corsa was born in 2003, at a rally, where two friends, then founding members, participated as crew Broom ... On that occasion the two, with the objective of future sporadic participation in local rallies, were given the chance to "try out" the thrill of racing virtually competing with the other official teams in the race on the timetable.

Here's what happened: Well the two were so nrevous about the race that the time was scandalous even for a novice... between the first and the second stage, an old rally driver they knew gave them an unusual advice: "Boys you suck, what happens to you ... Just do one good thing: you have some spare time... go eat something and DRINK a glass of Lambrusco ... trust me ... "

The glass became a bottle, and the snack became a sausage sandwich for both ... Result?

The times were lowered ... the copilot was screaming the right notes and the rookie driver shot such drifts that the public went crazy for the two novices rather than for the official teams in the race ... Last step the codriver said just a note at the beginning of the pilot PS "now, you drive like hell like you did in the first stage, or I throw the radar out of the window...."

PS The last Broom has given 14 seconds to the winner ... at the end of the race, the rally driver who gave such a valuable advice yelled: "You are just PIGS .... Racing Pigs!" (Referring to the drifts made in PS) and so the name of the RACING PIGS (MAIALI DA CORSA) came to life! :D


"Maiali" is not for everyone...

Here we have a very important parenthesis: Racing Pigs are a no-profit association, but first of all we are a close-knit group of friends with the same passion for the original and glorious Mini and all that contemplates the motorsport in general.

A Maiale das Corsa must always follow four basic rules that were the basis of the initial Logo of the association: TGCU

T. = Tradition
G. = Goliardy
C = Cavalry
U. = "Humility"

These rules mean that a maiale is always in a position to be he himself the manifesto of theClub ..

How to become a Maiale da Corsa? There is no identification card or membership fee: what 'indicates that the 4 rules listed above must be innate in the person aspiring to become a Porcello. The only way is to be called / invited by another member of the organization...

Honoris Causa Membri

As mentioned in the introduction, there is only one way to become Porcello: to be invited / called

There is one other possibility but it is not the aspirant member to ask: The Honoris Causa Member

Here's the explaination: it means that the character must have in any way helped Maiali Da Corsa, or the Mini entourage.
This distinction can also be issued to shareholders or directors of another club.
The honor will be awarded a plaque of merit (the famous Gold Pig) and will therefore entered automatically in the list of members.